Thore (TCH/THR/THX/THEX/THORE) in list of Scam, Dead, Hacked Coins and ICOs.

DescriptionWhat a SCAM this is!!The whole THORE network is an Indian based scam that is using a wash and repeat method.Thore claims to be funding an online marketplace and setting up stock/crypto trading all while reducing transaction/trade fees for the consumer or retail investor.What these thieves are doing is continually running ICOs or STOs with different blockchain backed tokens or coins. For example, TCH has an ETH backed ERC20 coin and a WAVES version, both of which are traded on different exchanges, both of which cannot be swapped for the other or the most current, both of which have false volume because the second you buy one you have to sell it at a loss on the exchange you bought it on. The other "Thore Network" coins/tokens have the same scenario.Now while people are trying to search for answers to "where can I exchange my tokens/coins to the most current, why is there no volume on the coin I have, and why can't I even find a wallet to store my coins off the exchanges", the "Thore Network" representatives just continue to come out with newer coins/tokens to invest in and tweet nonsense and vague information. So basically the "Thore Network" reps continue to ignore questions, ban tweeters that mark Thore a scam, all while stating there are exchanges on the App Store and Google Play (which the links just send you to malware). In the event that you can track down the website to register, it has been reported by numerous people that for months they have still not been accepted by Admin. I had this same result.This is a very elaborate scheme in which ICOs, STOs, and coin swaps are being run over and over, but once you own one of these "Thore Network" coins/tokens you will not be able to do anything with them.If you have a desire to invest in this scam, you might was well pick up that scammy phone call and give Habib your credit card information because it will go to the same place.
Entry dateNov 20, 2019, 12:00:00 AM