Thebillioncoin (TBC) in list of Scam, Dead, Hacked Coins and ICOs.

DescriptionThe Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has flagged its third cryptocurrency scam this month, warning investors against a scheme dubbed “The Billion Coin” (TBC).Marketed as a so-called “abundance-based cryptocurrency,” the SEC said in an advisory on April 14 that TBCoin’s promoters present the asset as a decentralized cryptocurrency that “aims to revolutionize the global financial system in order to eradicate world poverty.”The concept of abundance is used to justify the asset’s autonomy from “market-driven norms” and prices by alleging that the more investors there will be, the higher the coin’s price will go.for more information about this:
Entry dateApr 19, 2020, 12:00:00 AM