One Token (ONTK) in list of Scam, Dead, Hacked Coins and ICOs.

CurrencyOne Token
DescriptionAn authentic pyramid scam, base in Malaysia KL. * Once you top-up money to their Scam Wallet, means you are ready to lose 95%, BTC or ETh that in their wallet is not allow transfer to other cryptocurrency wallet.Phase 1: Approach investor top-up BTC or ETH to their wallet, told investor BTC or ETH can transfer out anytime Phase 2: Pre-public ONTK (Scam Token) in EZB (Scam Platform), and "OFFER" existing investor exchange with BTC or ETH with the rate 0.35 USDT. Phase 3: Approach existing investor get new investor to buy their ONTK, pre-public from 0.35 USDT to highest around 2.2 USDT Phase 4: During public openning, EZB platform server down then postpone the public date, end up the price started at 0.2 USDT to 0.01 USDT in EZB platform. Phase 5: For those who still keep the BTC or ETH in ONE Wallet, forced by company must internal exchange their BTC or ETH to ONTK with 0.2 USDT, then transfer ONTK to their EZB (scam platform), Sell it at 0.01 USDT.Example: RM38,000 top up 1 BTC in ONE Wallet 1 BTC in ONE Wallet = 9000 USDT 9,000 USDT (must exchange to their ONTK with their internal rate at 0.2 USDT) = 45,000 ONTK 45,000 ONTK transfer to EZB Platform with the rate at 0.01 USDT = 450 USDTEZB Exchange Platform: Token Website Wallet Facebook Wallet Youtube Video
Entry dateNov 18, 2019, 12:00:00 AM