Nexo (NEXO) in list of Scam, Dead, Hacked Coins and ICOs.

DescriptionWithdraws fails sometimes. Than the team do not answer the tickets registered in their own site. Your only hope is go to the telegram group talk to admins. Once are there the real admins talk to you asking for you to wait, then scammers impersonating admin you are talking to, ask you to send crypto to solve your problem Can't say NEXO is doing it by themselves. But, asking for a withdraw and it not work; opening tickets and not get an answer in a reasonable time; In the end your only hope is talking to admins in the telegram where you can easily be tricked, doesn't seem to be a procedure of a serious company and also shows the perils of dealing of a centralized system.
Entry dateJan 28, 2020, 12:00:00 AM