BTCHD (BHD) in list of Scam, Dead, Hacked Coins and ICOs.

DescriptionBHD> Chinese Clone of Burstcoin (Proof of Capacity) Coin is built on Staking to the extreme the more you mine/buy, the more you receive... Only first time miners profit off...coin has been around exactly 1 year. Developer has 15% premine which is NOT limited to what he can also stake!! There is one account with 156PB of Storage Space Total network size is near 1.5EB of Disk Space (yes Exabytes) You can only profitably mine BHD in pools most of which are located in China..a few in others in Asia. *Bonus> If things can't get any worse the 2nd developers of Burst (POCC) have made a closed source software called Helix that can double your storage capacity in software (for a costly fee) and a GPU.
Entry dateAug 11, 2019, 12:00:00 AM