Bitcoin Interest (BCI) in list of Scam, Dead, Hacked Coins and ICOs.

CurrencyBitcoin Interest
DescriptionBitcoin Interest...a very mixed up and confusing coin..a scam. Since May 2018 investors have lost 100% of their initial investment of $21.50 (5c now) Miners can Stake whatever amount they want, yet a small percentage is Forcibly locked up and "staked" to grow and be distributed at the end of a month based on another calculation. 18 million out of 22 million mined Market Volume of only $215, 90% of that is from Bitfinex. *Claims to use an ASIC resistant algo, ProgPow ,yet has a consistent network hash rate of 2TH?
Entry dateSep 12, 2019, 12:00:00 AM