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Ripple is one of the most important crypto currencies in the world market. It has marked the contemporary history, occupying the attention for being the crypto currency that has grown more than 36,000% in a year. It was in 2012 when was launched its main objective: to provide "global financial security operations, instantaneous and almost free of any size and without refunds".

It is important because this system provides a new way of buying and selling, activating the monetary flow worldwide. This is something that can mean the change in the equation of supply and demand for banking, and the decrease and even the elimination of inflation. It’s great, and simply, it is one of the safest protocols ever written.

Ripple is fantastic in all aspects, although there are dilemmas in terms of its use, it means the future of the global economy. The new technologies, the expansion of companies, and of course the universal exchange systems generate more competitive and more dynamic economies.

History of Ripple

When navigating the history of Ripple, it can be said that its beginning was before the launch of Bitcoin. Ryan Fugger was who created it 14 years ago. In 2004, he worked in a 'local exchange system' in Vancouver. This was his inspiration to develop a platform of decentralized creation which offered financial sovereignty as well as the possibility for anyone to "be their own bank". So it launches the first functional version of the platform with the name of Ripplepay.com.

Ripple was then acquired by the Ripple company, and it has come to be what it is nowadays. Its growth is extraordinary, and is currently adopted by companies such as UniCredit, UBS and Santander. Its speed of payment, technological stability and the ability function as a bridge currency.

Ripple Objective

The objective of Ripple is to create a decentralized platform that allows economic transactions from anywhere in the world. As a form of update chord to the era of the interconnected world or globalization without the control of any organism, and avoiding the big blockages and systems of commissions

Ripple Features

The feature that best identifies Ripple is the speed of its transactions. That is why it keeps growing in the world panorama. A transfer can take several days to complete, in Ripple only takes 4 seconds. To compare, other crypto currencies such as Ethereum take 2 minutes, and Bitcoin takes 30 minutes.

Ripple is leader in the volume of transactions that can be performed because it can reach 1500 transactions per second. It is optimal and effective because it allows a lot of fluidity at the time of managing large operations anywhere in the world.

Operation of Ripple

Ripple is a database which has total access and willing of the public to share. The database has an account book that monitors the accounts and balance sheets, therefore, at the time a person wants, it can go to the base and see the books as well as the record of all the actions in the net.

It works under the principle of decentralization because distributed networks are more effective and powerful than centralized networks. It has an option called "Self-Cleaning", which eliminates the commissions of the corresponding blocks which has a lack of a single point of failure. In addition, it has an open source code that is much safer.

Ripple the Universal Converter

The universality of Ripple is fascinating because it is compatible with any currency. It allows its users the choice of any currency without being bound to a particular currency adapted to the user preference and need. It is spoken of a universal converter because any type of currency chosen, transactions can be made in other currencies. However, the Ripple network "converts" the currency by routing orders through the market makers who compete to win buy / sell spreads.

5 Reasons to keep in Ripple

  1. First, the predominance of Ripple. The investors in this network include globally recognized venture capital, companies, and strategic investors such as the Santander group, Accenture, SBI Group, among others.
  2. The bank supports the future complementation of RIPPLE Technology; therefore, there is a good hope for the future and the permanence of Ripple for many years.
  3. Its value is not in the Currency, it's in the technology. It has a futuristic vision; it is in line with the current moment which means that it is in favor of technology development.
  4. Ripple is a risk-backed company with offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Luxembourg and Sydney.
  5. RIPPLE owns 61.6% of its currencies which demonstrates the trust that this company has over the value they will have in the future.

Technical analysis

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Timeframe: 4 HoursBuyBuySellBuyBuyBuy
Timeframe: 1 dayNeutralSellSellNeutralNeutralSell
Timeframe: 1 weekNeutralSellSellSellSellActive sell

XRP Chart

XRP Exchange

#MarketCurrency pairPriceVolume 24h
1Zb.comXRP / USDT$0.290$50 650 314
2BinanceXRP / USDT$0.289$43 174 133
3BiboxXRP / ETH$0.290$32 403 605
4Huobi.proXRP / USDT$0.289$27 810 170
5HitBTCXRP / USD$0.289$26 313 390
6BinanceXRP / BTC$0.290$25 883 359
7Zb.comXRP / BTC$0.290$22 706 934
8BiboxXRP / BTC$0.290$21 808 723
9CoinBeneXRP / USDT$0.290$19 330 846
10BiboxXRP / USDT$0.290$17 400 752
11GdaxXRP / USD$0.290$10 630 479
12BitstampXRP / USD$0.290$10 038 960
13CoinBeneXRP / BTC$0.290$6 255 331
14BitfinexXRP / USD$0.291$5 441 744
15HitBTCXRP / BTC$0.290$4 712 330
16Huobi.proXRP / BTC$0.289$4 453 275
17BitstampXRP / EUR$0.288$3 909 333
18GdaxXRP / BTC$0.290$2 354 696
19PoloniexXRP / BTC$0.290$2 330 756
20BittrexXRP / BTC$0.290$1 501 902
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