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Price7 946.17
Change 1h0.68%
Change 24h2.91%
Change 1w14.29%
24 Hours Low/High7 705.45 / 7 947.32
Circulating Supply17 396 150 BTC
Maximun Supply21 000 000 BTC
Updated atApr 29, 2020, 3:06:34 PM

The Mystery that is Bitcoin

The face of currency is quickly changing, today, in this ever-dynamic business environment. There are numerous kinds of online currencies with the most common being the Bitcoin. The bitcoin is one of the earliest forms of cryptocurrency, having been founded in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Unlike other currencies like the dollar, which are also known as fiat-currencies, the bitcoin is not regulated centrally by any financial body as an attempt to release funds and curb its stability.

This means that due to its non-regulation, it is prone to high levels of volatility, as experienced from last year from around mid-November and mid-December when the world saw it shoot up from $5,940 to $19,190 and then fall drastically to $6,900 just as February began. For as long as it exists, there will only be 21million bitcoins in existence.

The measurements of value of bitcoins is in Satoshis. Currently, the bitcoin is the most used form of alternative currency.

There is no central body that issues bitcoins, instead, the is regulations carried out by peer to peer network and transactions are all confirmed and recorded on a public ledger known as the blockchain. By ridding the chain off of intermediaries like banks, the economy in the blockchain is free flowing, meaning companies like Apple can be able to access people evenly across all social classes. The whole world is slowly embracing the aspect of cryptocurrency and if invested in, the companies have a head start in understanding the economic trends of the future, which will in turn be useful in drafting and designing products for the company.

Acquiring bitcoins can be achieved through a process called mining, which is technically writing a code to find them. Year upon year, the number of millions of users using bitcoin are on the increase, with services such as CoinJolt introducing more than 100,000 traders who accept cryptocurrency.

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